I have ideas.

Ideas are born continuously in everyone’s mind in every possible way: the fact is that someone knows how to recognize and preserve them, others lost these ideas or believe they cannot have them. In my opinion the ability to express, manage and realize ideas requires time, training, organization, study, collaboration and sacrifice. Inspiration can come in every moment, so you have to be ready to grab it while you are at work and you have to be able to put it into practice perfectly if you want it to become a probable business success.

I study, research, draw, write, act, compose, organize, play music, manage, but above all I have a lot of fun.

From an early age, I had three passions: the alphabet, drawings and the music, each one controlled by an obsessive organization.

Signs and sounds are my starting point: from this one begins my creative phase, which translates into illustrations, brands, attractions, communication projects and record productions.

People say about me I am multifaceted, volcanic, passionate and always looking for new incitements and emotions. My every morning balance is to carry on at least two or more projects totally different from each other.

Over the years the passion for letters, fonts and music has been transformed into a profession supported by constant training. Initially I specialized in graphics, typography and I began to design brands for companies, then I started creating websites and thinking about new marketing strategies thanks to the arrival of the Internet. I continued my studies and I specialized in brand management and digital marketing, learning how to use my creativity also in communication to cover different professional roles: creative director, brand manager and marketing director.

I keep on studying and participating in courses and masters to be always updated: communication and marketing are evolving every day. Otherwise the best school for me is the research, the “surfing on sight” on the web, travels, comparisons with other people and their stories. That makes me realize the reality: if you do not know the world, you cannot communicate in the right way and you can do nothing.

In order to improve, I think it is fundamental to constantly question, study, research and keep up-to-date.

My job is to find the best idea thanks to strategy and intuition. At the beginning I listen to the client and I try to get as much information as possible, then I research and organize ideas to find a name, after I draw a logo or a brand with a simple pencil and at the end I finally study a strategy to advertise it on and off the web. To be able to realize my project, I coordinate and supervise a team, which is selected by me, with graphic designers, copywriters, web designers, web masters, photographers, videographers and other professionals chosen according to the work that has to be done. Even though I know well all of these professions (because I have practised them in the past years), I think that without an appropriate staff the idea could not be realized as I had imagined it and above all it would not make sense to live it alone: the happiness of sharing motivations, goals and achievements with my team is one of my greatest satisfactions. Furthermore, I get a wider vision working as a team than working alone. It’s so beautiful.

Directing a team in communication often involves solving problems in a very quick way. For me it is a funny part of my job and I can do it very naturally. I have never understood exactly what my method is: I do things that are apparently far from problems for others, but I actually study how to solve them.

Perhaps this is my biggest secret: I always look for what I cannot do, so I can learn how to do it, I absorb emotions which come from every direction, I believe to be able to do everything and I carefully observe what surrounds me to give space to my imagination.

My greatest satisfaction? Keeping on living my work with enthusiasm and fun.

For more than fifteen years I have worked in the world of amusement parks as part of the Acqua Village Waterparks’ staff and also as part of their nightclubs’ team, which are Disco Village, Baluba and Alegria located inside the Acqua Village Waterparks in Tuscany. Thanks to this collaboration, which is one of the most exciting and funny of my life, I can use my creativity even in the realization of attractions and I can release my ideas in different professional roles.

The collaboration with Vanessa Incontrada was born from the need to create the logo and the brand for her store “Besitos”. We have also conceived and uploaded Vanessa’s official website, blog and social media accounts. Even now we work together to create important web marketing projects.

Another essential part of my life is music. I was born with a vinyl record in my hand in the disco that my father had set up for home parties. I have a past (and a present) from top DJ in Italy and abroad for more than thirty years. Once records were my lifestyle: today I collect them, I use them in exclusive parties and I dedicate them more time in my record productions.

Music was my first love and in all its aspects it is the constant background of my life … it always sounds and will always sound in my heart and in my head.

At the base of everything, there is always a fundamental ingredient: ideas.

I am a dreamer, a visionary, an explorer and I am enthusiastic about my work, I love life and my family and I think that thanks to God I found a way to work while having fun, always looking for a way to live better.

I believe it and I try it.